22 tips for more productivity in hybrid work models

"The future is hybrid! The majority of employees want to work in a hybrid working model in the future.
In addition to numerous advantages, there are also a number of challenges to be overcome.
We give you 22 tips that will make your employees more productive in the hybrid working world.

Equipment of work areas

With the right office, home office and remote work equipment, the foundation is laid for your teams to be able to work productively from any location. On the one hand, this includes modern technology, without which digital collaboration is not possible. On the other hand, all work areas must be equipped with the appropriate office furniture

Equipment of work areas

1. digital equipment of the office

Equip the office with modern technology such as video conferencing solutions & smartboards so that on-site teams can easily communicate with colleagues outside the office at any time.

2. place of creative exchange

Create optimally equipped creative zones in the office to enable your teams to collaborate on project planning, creative exchange or idea generation. For example, you can provide comfortable armchairs & sofas or acoustic furniture and add smartboards and whiteboards.

3. places of concentration

Make sure that your employees find a suitable place for concentrated work in the office by providing places of retreat and quiet zones. Telephone and meeting boxes are a practical option for this, which can also be used as an additional meeting option.

4. professional workplaces in the office & home office

In order to be productive when working from home, you should provide your employees with an ergonomic workplace with a professional office desk and chair in addition to the office.

5. mobile devices for your teams

Equip your colleagues with powerful and easy-to-carry devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets so they can work productively from anywhere and always have access to important documents.

6. equipment for digital meetings

Provide high-quality headsets and webcams for the home office workplace to guarantee the best picture and sound quality in your digital meetings.

Software solutions

Only with the help of different software solutions is it possible for you and your teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently in a hybrid working model

lendis 22 tips for more productivity in the hybrid work model - software

7. cloud solutions for shared documents

Via cloud solutions such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, documents are accessible to every employee, no matter where they are, and teams can work on them simultaneously.

8. use video conferencing solutions

By using modern software solutions such as Zoom or MS Teams with video function, the interpersonal level is not neglected, resulting in a better meeting experience for all participants.

9. use tools for collaboration

Digital solutions such as Slack or MS Teams offer numerous functions for communicating with colleagues and exchanging data, thus simplifying collaboration across distributed teams.

10. manage projects digitally

Tools like Trello, Asana or Confluence support your teams in project management. They can be accessed online at any time and provide an overview of important milestones and the current status of to-dos.

11. provide important information centrally

Create a wiki or company intranet to make important internal information and collected knowledge available to all employees from anywhere.

12. uncomplicated equipment of your employees

Use the Lendis OS to optimally equip your employees with just a few clicks - whether in the office, home office or for remote work. You keep track of orders and your entire inventory at all times, while Lendis takes care of delivery, set-up and equipment setup.

13. mobile device management for device management

With modern MDM solutions, you centrally manage the laptops, smartphones and tablets in your company. Without having to pick up the devices, you can install updates, adjust security requirements and make many other settings.

Processes & Organisation

14. decision-making scope for employees

Give your employees the freedom to decide for themselves when and where they do their work. In this way, you enable efficient work that meets the individual needs of your employees.

15. define processes and guidelines

Ensure clearly defined processes in the company, such as for which purposes, which communication channels are used. This saves time and prevents misunderstandings.

16. transparent communication

Make sure that all employees, whether they work in the office or remotely, receive all important information and are aware of current developments.

17. coordinate working hours

Especially when employees work in different time zones, it is advisable to coordinate working hours within a team so that the response time to queries is kept as short as possible.

18. regular meeting dates

Arrange fixed, recurring meeting dates in which the current status of tasks and projects is discussed and queries can be clarified.

19. training in the use of digital tools

Ensure through training that each employee is confident in the use of the tools used in the company.

20. key figures for productivity

In the hybrid world of work, hours worked become less important. Consider with your team which KPIs are more appropriate to measure and optimise productivity.

21. strengthen team cohesion

Team spirit and cohesion are important for motivation. Promote a sense of togetherness through virtual team events or coffee breaks between individual employees.

22. customize onboarding process

Adapt your onboarding processes to the conditions of the hybrid working world and ensure that new employees can start directly motivated and productive.