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Equip your employees' offices and home offices with modern hardware.

Already 1,300+ customers ensure modern workplaces with Lendis

Why Lendis?


Lendis takes over logistics, storage & service of the equipment


Low monthly rental installments 


In a flexible rental model with a fixed monthly installment


Circular model with 100% CO2 offsetting & 2nd life cycle


Our platform is the operating system for hybrid work

Frequently asked questions

You can easily rent your office equipment online via Lendis. Our range includes everything you and your team need to work: Office furniture, acoustic solutions, telephone boxes and technology (e.g. laptops, smartphones, monitors). 


Lendis not only provides the equipment, but also supports you in advance with the planning of your office space and the selection of the equipment. In addition, Lendis also takes care of delivery and professional installation on site - in the office and in the home office. Delivery times are usually a few working days, otherwise within 2-4 weeks (there may be exceptions).


Once your delivery is complete, you can manage all your equipment digitally via the Lendis platform. You get your personal account, which you can use at any time to add more products or assign them to employees. Of course, you can also cancel your contracts there on a monthly basis and return the equipment. This way you remain truly flexible at all times.

Renting office equipment offers a sustainable solution for equipping your office with state-of-the-art products. Products are used longer than before through multiple rentals and there is less need for new production or disposal. 


In addition, you optimise the cash outflow of your company by renting. High investments are replaced by small monthly instalments, freeing up more capital that you can invest in other projects than in office equipment, for example growth. An exciting side effect: You can deduct 100% of the rent for tax purposes and thus effectively reduce your taxable income.


You can also terminate your rental contract with Lendis on a monthly basis (after the minimum term has expired). This makes your business really flexible and you can adapt your equipment to your current needs at any time.

Yes, after the minimum term has expired, you can cancel the rental on a monthly basis, regardless of the initially agreed term.

Lendis delivers & installs throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thanks to its extensive logistics network, Lendis guarantees fast delivery times and pick-ups at any location - exactly where your company is.


Let us know what you are interested in and how we can best reach you. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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