Lendis Advisor - Onboarding Phases - The 3-Phase Model
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The phases of onboarding

A structured onboarding process is a prerequisite for a quick and successful familiarisation with the professional tasks and settling into a new social environment. In the process, numerous different tasks have to be completed. But not every task is important in the current phase of onboarding. We will introduce you to the individual phases of onboarding and show you what you should focus on in each case.

Onboarding: The 3-phase model

The onboarding of new employees is equally concerned with the completion of administrative and organisational tasks, the concrete familiarisation with the professional tasks as well as the social integration into the new working environment.

To ensure this, most companies organise the onboarding process according to a three-phase model, each of which focuses on a different task. The individual phases are

  • Preboarding or preparation phase - time before the 1st working day
  • Orientation phase - from the 1st working day until approx. 3rd month
  • Integration phase - from the 3rd month until approx. 6th month

The preparation phase

Lendis Onboarding Phases - Preboarding Phase

The preparatory phase (pre-boarding) begins in principle with the signing of the working paper and ends with the first official working day. Two tasks are the focus of the preparatory phase.

On the one hand, it is a matter of preparing the new employees for the start of work in the best possible way. A large number of tasks can be completed before the first day of work, so that the main focus can be on professional and social integration. The tasks include above all administrative and organisational ones, such as the contractual and labour law paperwork that is part of the employment. But the procurement of the necessary equipment (workstation in the office, laptop, home office equipment, etc.) should also be organised at this stage.

More time for the important tasks
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However, the preboarding phase is also about avoiding early turnover. Despite signing a contract, many employees have uncertainties before starting a new job. Was the job change the right decision? Was the company the best choice? And will I be well received by my new colleagues?

In order to answer open questions and reduce any uncertainties, it is important to be in regular contact with the new starters. For example, send important and useful information before the official start of the job, in which you give first insights into the company or introduce future colleagues. This creates trust and a positive feeling of being noticed and appreciated.

The orientation phase

lendis Onboarding Phases - Orientation Phase
The so-called orientation phase begins with the first day of work. This lasts from the first few weeks to about 3 months. As the name suggests, the aim of this phase is for the newcomers to find their way around the new environment as quickly as possible and to feel welcome. What does the company offer in detail? Who will I work with in the future? And where can I find important information and help? The orientation phase should provide answers to all questions of this kind.

In order to lay the foundation for a successful professional induction, the onboardees must be provided with the necessary general knowledge during the orientation phase. In individual training sessions and workshops they learn

  • Detailed information about the company
    • What products and services are offered
    • What are the general procedures in the company
  • What tools and systems are there in the company and how are they operated?
  • What must be observed with regard to data protection and occupational safety?
The foundation for social integration is also laid during the orientation phase. In order for the new employees to get a better picture of the structure of the company, it is helpful that the individual departments introduce themselves in short introductory events. This makes it easier to assign colleagues from the beginning. In order to get to know the people with whom you will be working more frequently in the future, 1:1 conversations in a relaxed atmosphere without a concrete agenda are a good way to do this.
An onboarding or induction plan is a helpful tool to help with orientation. The onboarding plan provides detailed information on what tasks are due and when. It is designed to ensure optimal familiarisation. In addition, the onboarders quickly get an overview of the coming weeks and months.
The most important thing during this time is continuous communication. In an introductory meeting, clarify not only what you expect from your new colleagues and what their areas of responsibility are, but also who they can turn to if they have questions or problems. Afterwards, stay in regular contact to give feedback on the current status and your satisfaction, but also to get feedback from your colleagues.

The integration phase

lendis Onboarding Phases - Integration Phase
In the integration phase, the new employees are to be integrated more deeply into the company and gradually take on more responsibility and show initiative. In this phase, the onboarding plan mentioned above serves as a common thread through the remaining months of induction. The focus in this phase is on the transfer of knowledge by superiors and team members. In this phase, training sessions supplemented by courses and workshops not only ensure a confident approach to daily tasks, but also further professional development.

Communication also plays an important role in the integration phase. In regular feedback meetings, show the staff how satisfied you are with their work, and at the same time point out problems and opportunities for development.

Checklist for a smooth onboarding process

An onboarding checklist helps you to keep track of the onboarding of your new employees and not to forget any important tasks. We have created a template for the onboarding checklist for you, which you can use as a basis for onboarding in your company and download here for free.

Lendis Onboarding Phases - Download Onboarding Checklist
Keep track of the onboarding and don't forget any important tasks - no problem with our checklist!