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Renting instead of buying

You can simply rent your office equipment online via Lendis. Lendis delivers technology, software, furniture and plants within a few working days in the case of stock items and otherwise within 3-4 weeks on your desired date and takes care of the entire assembly. You can add electronics, software, furniture and plants at any time and cancel your contract monthly - so you remain maximally flexible.

Renting office equipment offers a sustainable solution for equipping the office with state-of-the-art products. In doing so, you optimise your company's cash flow and thus have more capital available to invest in the company's growth. The possibility to cancel the rental on a monthly basis and our comprehensive service also allow you to react quickly to changes. Also interesting: You benefit from tax advantages, because the rental expense is fully tax deductible.

No, because unlike leasing, you are not tied to a fixed contract. With our rental concept, you can cancel on a monthly basis and the comprehensive services are more in focus.

Our offer includes all the technology products and software you need in your office (e.g. laptops, smartphones, Microsoft Office 365 and mobile phone contracts). This means you get everything for your office from a single source and save having to make enquiries with numerous dealers.

The minimum rental period is independent of the product category. You can rent furniture, acoustic solutions, plants and technology for as little as 6 months. You rent software on a monthly basis.

Yes, after the minimum term has expired, you can cancel the lease on a monthly basis, regardless of the initially agreed term.

The initial agreed term has an influence on the amount of the monthly rent payments due. The longer the initial term, the lower the monthly rent. However, regardless of the term agreed at the beginning, you have the option to terminate the lease on a monthly basis. This means, for example, that you can terminate a job after 30 months, even though 36 months were agreed upon at the beginning. You only have to pay the difference between the different instalments.

No, at Lendis you will only receive products that are as good as new. If a damaged product is delivered, contact us immediately and we will take care of a replacement.


Lendis operates throughout Germany. Through our logistics partners we guarantee fast delivery times and pick-ups throughout Germany.

You can view all our products on our website; our furniture is perfectly coordinated within the respective styles. We are also happy to advise you on the phone about our technology and software products and support you in planning and selecting the furnishings. This way, your order will meet your needs exactly. Feel free to contact us at any time or write to us directly in the chat on our website.

Lendis works exclusively with manufacturers of high-quality products. Our suppliers are carefully selected and our experience in office equipment ensures that we can offer you the highest quality at a fair price.

Flexibly add technology, software, furniture and plants to your selection or cancel the rental for individual products; Lendis dismantles the equipment and collects it from you on site.

Our range is focused on office furnishings and our offers are aimed exclusively at companies and tradespeople.


No, we do not require a deposit or down payment. You only pay a small monthly rent per rented product and thus avoid a high initial investment.

You can pay your monthly payments by direct debit, invoice, Paypal or credit card.

In most cases, no information about creditworthiness is necessary. However, in a few individual cases we may have to check the solvency before renting our products.


Yes, the minimum term for renting with Lendis is 6 months for technology as well as office furniture, acoustic solutions and plants. After the minimum term has expired, you can cancel the rental on a monthly basis.

At the end of the term, you have the flexibility to decide whether you want to return your rented equipment. If you do not terminate the rental contract, the rental period is automatically extended by another month. You can still terminate the rental agreement at the end of the month without any problems.

The longer you rent the office equipment, the lower your monthly rate will be.

At the end of the term, the rent is automatically extended by another month. The rate does not change for you.

After the minimum rental period has expired, you can cancel the rental on a monthly basis. You only have to pay the difference to the cheaper monthly rent of the longer term for the service period. The monthly rate becomes cheaper the longer the term agreed with us at the beginning. So, conversely, it will be more expensive if you terminate early.

The longer the initial term of your lease, the cheaper the monthly rate for the office equipment. Regardless of the initial term, you can terminate your lease at any time after the minimum lease term has expired.

Delivery & Collection

In general, we always try to deliver your office equipment as quickly as possible. However, as standard you can expect a delivery time of 3 - 4 weeks. If certain products are needed particularly urgently, we will be happy to advise you by phone and try to make this possible.

Yes, the service concept is our top priority. If required, Lendis also takes care of the delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection of all products.

Our colleagues will remind you in good time of the upcoming delivery and let you know when the fitters are expected to arrive. All you have to do is let our assembly team into your office and show them where the rented products are to be assembled. Our fitters will then take over the assembly and placement of the furniture. Your office space will be handed over to you ready for occupancy and without any packaging waste. Finally, someone will contact you to enquire about the success of the delivery.


Generally, a signed offer is sufficient as an effective rental agreement. Thus, there is no classic rental agreement. However, we will of course send you an additional order confirmation upon request.

Yes, because with purchase or leasing you become the economic owner of the products and therefore only depreciation can be claimed as an expense for tax purposes. With rent, on the other hand, the monthly payments are fully deductible. Since furniture is usually depreciated over a period of 13 years and our rental periods are only up to 60 months, rental is much more advantageous than depreciation. Of course, the exact arrangement also depends on the individual accounting conditions of the customer and the financed products.

Service & Insurance

Insurance against common causes of damage is included in the rental fee. In the event of damage, the customer's excess is 10%, Lendis bears the remaining 90% of the costs. In addition, Lendis takes care of the quick settlement. If you have any questions about the insurance, please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or chat.

As long as nothing has been wilfully destroyed, we will take care of the repair. The customer's excess amounts to 10% of the repair costs, Lendis bears the remaining 90%. It is best to contact us immediately and describe the extent of the damage by phone or in writing, ideally with the help of pictures.

In the event of an insurance claim, technology will be replaced within 7 working days. In the case of furniture, plants and acoustic solutions, replacement depends on the individual delivery time of the damaged product.

If, contrary to expectations, something does not fit or products are damaged, please let us know on the day of delivery. We will immediately make sure that you receive the correct or undamaged goods as quickly as possible.