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The easy way to a new office

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WordPress hosting agency Raidboxes was not only looking for a scalable and straightforward solution to set up their office, but also needed a communication solution for their hybrid working model. In doing so, Raidboxes' desire was to find a full-service partner that would take on as many tasks as possible when purchasing new office equipment.


As an all-in-one solution for furnishing the office, Lendis was the right service provider for Raidboxes to furnish the office and employees to a high standard without much effort.

The easy way to a new office


At Lendis, everything from office furniture to technology and software can be found to professionally equip all work areas. The big advantage for Raidboxes: There was only one contact person for all the equipment. In addition to fully equipped workstations, Raidboxes was made fit for hybrid and digital collaboration in their conference room.

The easy way to a new office

All-in-One Service

So that customers like Raidboxes can sit back comfortably, Lendis takes care of all the tasks. Even before the contract is signed, we start with the planning and advise on the choice of products. Afterwards, we take care of the fast delivery as well as the assembly and installation of all products on site. With the Lendis platform, we also offer our customers a simple digital management option.

The easy way to a new office

Hybrid Work Solution

In order to equip Raidboxes for hybrid work, our experts have found a suitable solution so that both office-based and remote employees can work together optimally.

About Raidboxes

Since 2014, the WordPress hosting company Raidboxeshas established itself as the No. 1 place to go and helps agencies, freelancers, shop or blog owners to achieve a professional online presence. What once started with the two founders Torben & Johannes now has over 30 employees and over 13,500 enthusiastic customers and plans to continue growing in the future.

Little time for many tasks

  • As little effort as possibleIn order for the employees of Raidboxes to be able to focus fully on their core tasks, a provider is needed who takes care of everything from planning to delivery & installation to maintenance of the products.

    Coordinating several office equipment suppliers means a lot of effort. That is why, in addition to a comprehensive service, the supplier should also offer as wide a product range as possible in order to keep the effort for the product search as low as possible.

    For the new office, 70 workstations and sufficient meeting rooms were to be created. Ergonomic office furniture for a healthy workplace was just as important as the right design for the Raidboxes office. In order to make optimal use of the available space, several smaller offices with 2-4 workstations, two smaller meeting rooms and a large meeting room for up to 10 people were to be created.

  • Hybrid cooperation: During the Corona pandemic, Raidboxes also took advantage of the work from the Home Office and would like to present them in the hybrid working model continue to use in the future. At the same time, they were aware that the hybrid form of collaboration would also place new demands on the office. In order to network its employees in the office and in the home office in the best possible way, a corresponding conference system was needed in the office.

    The biggest challenge was to ensure productive communication. In future, even short meetings should be possible without much effort and in high sound and image quality.

  • Cost-effective alternative: Buying all the office equipment involves high investment costs. However, most of the existing capital is needed to drive the growth of the company. For this reason, Raidboxes was looking for an alternative form of financing their office equipment.

A trustworthy partner

Lendis cares!

Lendis is the uncomplicated solution that Raidboxes envisioned at the beginning of their search. With our extensive range of office furniture, acoustic solutions & telephone boxes, complemented by a wide range of state-of-the-art technology, we offer everything needed for a modern furnished office. In addition, Raidboxes was able to hand over responsibility for the move with our all-in-one solution.

As is customary with all enquiries, our experts discuss the individual situation in a personal consultation in order to best understand our clients' ideas.


After all wishes and requirements had been clarified, the concrete planning began. Wherever possible, we carry out the planning on the basis of a floor plan of the office premises, and this is also the case with Raidboxes. On the basis of the floor plan, we are able to create a detailed 3D model of the planned equipment. This made it easier for Raidboxes to imagine how the office would be furnished later.

In order to create efficient working areas in the future with space for a joint exchange, but also for concentrated work, it was important to make optimal use of the available space. In order to ensure this at all times, the project managers and our experts were in continuous exchange and were thus able to finalise the planning step by step.

Once the planning phase was complete, the logistics had to be organised. As we are aware of how difficult it is to find a date that suits all parties involved for such a complex project as moving into a new office, Raidboxes was able to choose the most suitable one from a number of proposed dates. In this way, the best possible date was found, on which delivery and installation could be carried out as quickly as possible.

The operating system for hybrid work

The Lendis platform offers Raidboxes the possibility to manage their entire inventory in an uncomplicated way. The company has a transparent overview of all products and can see at a glance what inventory is available and what is still needed. For a uniform design in the office, additional products from already rented models can be easily reordered as soon as they are needed.

In addition to the possibility of assigning existing inventory to employees or rooms, it is also possible via the Lendis platform to order the required office equipment for new employees with little effort at the click of a mouse. This means that everyone is optimally equipped from day one.
And should there ever be a problem or question, Raidboxes can reach its contact person at any time via a ticket system in the platform.

Use instead of own

With the Lendis rental model, Raidboxes pays low monthly rental amounts. This eliminates high investment costs for the acquisition of new office equipment. This reduces the financing risk for Raidboxes and the young company can invest remaining capital directly in growth.

Relaxed move to a larger office

With the order to Lendis, Raidboxes was able to hand over the majority of the necessary tasks directly. Thanks to short communication channels and a personal contact person, requirements were quickly clarified and the planning completed. Raidboxes has been a satisfied customer since the beginning of the year and has already made use of the Lendis platform to rent additional products, such as wardrobes that match the office furnishings.

The company also had the following benefits from renting with Lendis:


Lendis took over the entire organisation of the delivery, the set-up and afterwards also the disposal of all packaging materials. Without any effort on their part, Raidboxes had a fully furnished office ready for immediate use. This also had financial advantages. Logistics costs of about € 4,000 could be saved because no other external partner was necessary.

Communication is the key

As a service company, customer satisfaction is Lendis' top priority. That's why we are very pleased that Raidboxes has particularly emphasised the good communication and accessibility with Lendis in further discussions. We guarantee this with personal contact persons who are not only available by phone, but who are also happy to visit our customers in the office to get an idea of the situation on site. After all, it is often the personal exchange that is decisive in order to understand the needs exactly and to find an optimal solution.

Lendis - The all-in-one solution

Our ambition in every single project is to exceed the expectations of our clients. In the case of Raidboxes, sustainability was also very important. It is good that Lendis also attaches great importance to the protection of our planet. For this reason, all products that Lendis rents out and the entire logistics are climate-neutral. Raidboxes thus saved a total of over 10,000 kg of CO₂ compared to the usual purchase.


And what does Raidboxes say about the cooperation with Lendis?

"With Lendis, we have found an affordable and practical solution for our infrastructure."
Torben Simon Meier
Co-Founder Raidboxes

We are very much looking forward to further cooperation with Raidboxes.