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Telephone boxes for more peace and quiet

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Telephone boxes for more peace and quiet

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The fashion online shop ABOUT YOU is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Europe. The rapid growth in the number of employees also has a noticeable impact on the way people live together in the office. High noise levels and a lack of meeting facilities posed some challenges for the colleagues and office managers at the Hamburg headquarters. In order to overcome the problem, ABOUT YOU went in search of an uncomplicated, quick and inexpensive solution that would solve the acoustic and spatial problem as far as possible.


As an expert in office equipment, Lendis was already very familiar with noise problems in open spaces. So they quickly had a suitable solution for the situation at ABOUT YOU with soundproof telephone boxes. As part of the Office as a Service offer, Lendis not only provided the appropriate products, but also took care of everything else - from planning to delivery and on-site installation.

Telephone boxes for more peace and quiet

The simple acoustic solution

As there was only little free space available, a space-saving solution was needed. With a footprint of just under 1 m², the compact Lilly telephone box was the ideal solution. The noise-absorbing materials reduce the volume by up to 38 dB, providing a quiet working environment and a place for concentrated work.

Telephone boxes for more peace and quiet

Flexible rental model

The office equipment can be adapted at any time according to the company's personal needs. Additional products can be booked flexibly and products that are no longer required can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Telephone boxes for more peace and quiet

Cost shift from CapEx to OpEx

Instead of one-off high investment costs, low monthly rents are incurred within the framework of our rental model. As operating costs, these are also fully tax-deductible in the respective period.


The e-commerce company ABOUT YOU was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly since then. In the meantime, the company has an annual turnover of over €1 billion, is active in 23 markets and has over 1000 employees from over 65 nations. ABOUT YOU digitises the shopping trip by creating an inspiring and individual shopping experience - exclusively online with over 2,000 brands. Not only does the company have a variety of joint fashion collections with different celebrities, but since this year it also has its own (very successful) Fashion Week.

High number of employees - high volume

A cost-effective and comfortable solution had to be found for over 250 employees in Hamburg to ensure concentrated work, telephone calls and effective meetings. There were clear requirements:
  • Little space in the office: With the steadily growing number of employees, the Hamburg headquarters of ABOUT YOU became too cramped. The meeting rooms were also usually occupied and not infrequently overcrowded, as people moved from the full open-plan office to meeting rooms. Therefore, a space-saving solution was needed for employees to work in a concentrated and focussed manner in the office, but also to enable meetings to take place at the same time.
  • Effective volume reduction: As the number of employees increases, so does the background noise. Since a large part of the employees work in support, the room acoustics had to be improved, not only in order to be able to work in a focused manner, but also to ensure the quality of customer conversations. Suitable acoustic solutions were needed to reduce the volume and improve the acoustics.
  • Modern design: As a fashion company, the work areas are also modern and stylish. The office furniture also had to meet this requirement and fit in with the existing design.
  • Low costs: The company is in sustained growth. The available capital is needed primarily to support growth. In order to burden the cash flow as little as possible, other forms of financing were sought that do not require high one-time payments.
  • Flexible solution: It must also be possible to flexibly book additional acoustic solutions in the future, as requirements may change due to rapid growth and additional products may be needed.

Trade 1m2 of space for peace & concentration

Telephone & meeting boxes as a space-saving solution

In the search for a suitable solution, ABOUT YOU came across the Lilly telephone box for one person and Laura with space for two from Lendis. With them, two problems could be solved at once. As a place of retreat, they offer the possibility to work in a focused manner. They also function as an additional meeting option. With a size of 1m2 or 2m2, the cubicles are extremely space-saving. At the same time, they offer a high level of comfort, which means that even longer telephone calls can be conducted without any problems. A big plus: the modern design of the telephone boxes fits easily into any office. 

The right financing model

With the Lendis rental model, the e-commerce company pays low monthly rental amounts. This means that no high investment costs are incurred when purchasing the furniture. The rental amounts can be directly deducted from taxes as operating costs. In this way, the remaining capital can be used for the further growth of the company.

Planning & Delivery

After clarifying the requirements in an initial personal meeting, our experts were quickly able to demonstrate the advantages of the Office as a Service solution.


With the help of a 3D model, which was created on the basis of the office floor plan, the planning began. This visualisation helps our clients to better imagine the future office and to formulate adaptation wishes. Together with ABOUT YOU, we were able to complete the planning phase quickly.


Another advantage: Lendis regularly has a large part of its products in stock. This meant that the high demand for telephone boxes could also be covered quickly. Together with the delivery, our logistics and assembly team took care of the professional and quick assembly of all telephone boxes on site. Thus, the employees were able to use the new equipment immediately.

The flexible solution

The rental model makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the company. Additional products can easily be added or cancelled on a monthly basis. ABOUT YOU can view the inventory of its Lendis products via the Lendis platform and also make changes there with one click. This ensures the flexibility that the fast-growing company needs.

Calm & concentration - even in an open-plan office

For over a year now, ABOUT YOU has been using the Lendis phone boxes and they have been gratefully accepted by the staff. The boxes are now fully integrated into the office routine and offer a welcome alternative to the overcrowded meeting rooms or the fashion company's noisy open-plan office.


Since the telephone boxes were very well received by the employees, ABOUT YOU decided to also rely on the telephone boxes from Lendis for the expansion of the Hamburg office.


But not only the colleagues were satisfied with the solution found. The partnership with Lendis also paid off financially. By renting from Lendis, ABOUT YOU was able to save over 47,000 € compared to the usual purchase. This calculation includes the following services:


Lendis is the all-in-one partner for equipping the office. From planning to delivery & assembly, to the disposal of all packaging materials, which would otherwise require a lot of time & capacity, as well as high costs, Lendis takes care of everything. For a project of this size, the company would have had to reckon with over €8,000 in logistics costs.


Lendis offers an all-in-one service, which ABOUT YOU particularly appreciates. This includes a dedicated contact person who solves any problems that arise within the shortest possible time, as well as the repair of minor defects or the exchange of faulty products. With the Lendis platform, ABOUT YOU can also easily record and manage inventory.


The fast processing convinced ABOUT YOU. From the first personal contact to the delivery of the phone boxes, less than 8 weeks passed.

CO2 emissions

Lendis & ABOUT YOU take responsibility for our planet and our environment. The Lendis rental model offers a sustainable alternative to the usual purchase, because products have a longer life cycle through multiple use. In addition, Lendis compensates for all emissions that arise. As a result, the ABOUT YOU order saved over 2,400 kg of CO2 emissions could be saved in comparison to the purchase.


But the most important question is, what does ABOUT YOU say about the collaboration with Lendis?

"Lendis solved our acoustic problem in a comfortable and flexible way."
Jan Höllering
Project Manager
We look forward to being a strong partner for ABOUT YOU in the future!